Monday, January 02, 2006

2005, sebuah evaluasi

Yak, akhirnya keluar juga nih, walopun agak telat, evaluasi 2005!! Ah, nulisnya make English ah, uda bekarat kayanya nih grammar gw.

Okay, so let’s start with last year resolution… Eh? Only one of them accomplished?? Damn! What was I doing this whole year? Hmm… Let’s get into the details…

  1. grades

All right, I admit it. I screwed up. With 2.75 GPA, I’ve totally miss the 3.5 target. Well, what could one expect with a D in calculus? But that startled me, and I’ve tried to pay it in my third semester, which is a second semester in 2005 (and I was really working my ass right there!! Cutting my sleeping hour to four, six hour max from what used to 8-12 hours, lol!). Can’t wait to see the result (my grades should be out in several days)

  1. guitar skill

A solo performance? I gave up on this. I dropped my guitar lesson at the middle of the year. Well, I had too many activities, tough some are not too important (if only I realized that earlier). I can’t afford the time and money to continue my lesson, something that I really miss right now. Hope I can continue it in the future (no targets here)

  1. job

Yay! I met this one! I have given private lessons to some junior high neighbors kids for their UAN. The payment was not much, but hey, I didn’t do it for the money in the first place. It was kind of proud in me when seeing them entering their favorite high.

In 2005 there are some events (bah! Can’t find a better words for this) that somewhat affect me. They are:

  1. My girl cousin, who is about in the same age as me, was married in the middle of the year. Too added the shock, it was an MBA. Made me angry, and depressed me for some time. Well, you know, we saw this kind of thing, in magazine, films, TV, newspaper, but to see someone that you (thought you) really know were experience it…. And it seems that my big family was pretty permissive... dang!
  2. My uncle passed away, two weeks before Ramadan. He died because of leukemia. Seeing in him in his last days really broke my heart. He was just lying there, even had to struggle just to breath. It was hard to belief that he was the same man that taught me how to ride a motorcycle that gave me my first guitar, a very active and cheerful man. Men sure are powerless.

OK folks, that concludes my evaluation. C u in 2006!

Btw, I still haven’t decided whether to make a resolution this year or not.


Rani! said...

resolution? me? i'll forget about it in the middle of the year :P hehe..

piqs said...

hehe, sama sih sebenernya.. ntar di akhir taun baru deh nyesel... hehehe