Tuesday, November 29, 2005


hmm.. kmaren, di sela2 plajaran kenversi energi yang membosankan, gw minjem suatu buku yang berjudul "Changes!". Eit, ini bukan judul manga, bukan pula novel, teenlit, atow sejenisnya (tumben pik!). Ini judul buku karangan Renal Kasali.. tentang pentingnya perubahan dalam suatu perusahaan.. well, dari pembacaan gw slama 5 menit.. (hehe, namanya juga nyuri2 waktu kuliah)> Ada satu yang mnarik bwat gw. Disono dtulis kalo perubahan itu terjadi bukan pada saat kita berencana untuk berubah, atau saat kita ditekan oleh lingkungan hingga kita terpaksa berubah. Perubahan itu sedang terjadi, tinggal masalah kita menyadarinya ato ngga. Hmm mnarik! Pengen gw pinjem n gw bawa balik sih tuh buku.. cman ngantri uy.. well.. nunggu waiting list sajah.. Comment please..

Sunday, November 27, 2005

phew.. almost dead

Two days ago, i almost end my life on the road while riding my little brother's bike. Why? it's because this little thingy on the picture.. see. Yep, it's all because a rear view mirror. well, you see, my own bike doesn't have such a neat feature.. (ofcoure it had a mirror, ony i broke it in an accident two weeks after my first ride on it.. hehehe)

So.. being never customized with a mirror in my bike, i looked to it over time, when i turn, when i change lane, when i passed another vehicle. Well, i amused by this lil thing. But this behaviour is kinda dangerous, especially when u'r faster than any other vehicle on the road. well, u c, i was driving @ 90 km/h on a protocol road, and like the common, when i change lane, i saw my mirror to watch out from other vehicle coming from behind. And.. because my eye was busy on the mirror (just 4 less than 2 second, i swear!) i didn't see another bike was changing lane too... RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. It was obvious that the rider didn't see his mirror. DAMN! so i squeez my brake handle..(thank god the tire was not locking) My horn screams... and i made it avoiding him just in the last split second... phew!.. So.. i made a conclusion... don't bother to look @ u'r mirror if u'r driving faster tahn most vehicle, coz any1 can't catch u from behind. Even if someone do, u'll hear he coming.. Well, if u still get crashed.. that just u'r bad luck i guess ;P

Friday, November 25, 2005


mm.. baru baca koran neh, disono ada artikel tentang puisinya Bob Dylan yang laku kjual $78.000!!! (780 juta rupiah sajah bow!). Padahal puisi yang judulnya Poems Without Title (puisi yang kaga ada judulnya.. red) ini dibuat waktu masih jamannya dia skul dulu, di Minnesota. Dulu dia masih pake nama Robert Zimmerman. Diantara puisi stebel 16 halaman itu, ada yang bunyinya bgini:

I search the depths of my soul for an answer
But there is no answer,
Because there is no cuestion
And there is no time

Emang pantes lah Bob Dylan jadi artis pop/rock knamaan

wah.. tnyata idup itu hangat y!

Monday, November 21, 2005

man, i'm a healthy guy!

I'm tired, so tired
I'm tired of having sex
I'm spread so thin
I don't know who I am

Monday night I'm makin'
Jen Tuesday night I'm makin' Lyn
Wednesday night I'm makin' Catherine
Oh, why can't I be makin' Love come true?

I'm beat, beet red
ashamed of what I said
I'm sorry, here I go
I know I'm a sinner
But I can't say no

Thursday night I'm makin' Denise
Friday night I'm makin' Sharise
Saturday night I'm makin' Louise
Oh, why can't I be makin' Love come true

tonite, I'm down on my knees
tonite I'm beggin' you please
tonite, tonite, please
Why, can't I be makin' love come true


hahaha... it seemed that i have too much energy this week! not that extreme tough, far than that. and i'm not feeling depressed either. dunno, just feeling like singing this soong. That's my theme song of the week! Don't bother too ask me the detail tough, that's none of u'r business! XP.

Now. where's that lab report i supossed to be doin right now...