Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fun Presenting with Prezi

We all know about the all too familiar Powerpoint presentations. They are mostly follows similar structure and used to present about virtually anything, which become the defacto standard of presentation slides. So, when my friend shown me Prezi, I was excited.

Prezi is a tool to make presentations, or "prezis" as they are called, with a unique way of transition between focuses. Instead of just slides between slides, prezis jumps from one focus to the other by zooming in and out. Actually this product is one that I have in mind when I tried to learn Flash last year. Indeed, Prezi is also Flash-based. But as the saying goes, your ideas are worthless, execution is king. The guys at Prezi simply nailed it. Hats off!

Here is a prezi that I made this weekend. I had some fun and the end result is not too shabby. Watch in fullscreen to enjoy.

*for you who wonder, this presentation illustrates the IT system of PERPIKA which designed by yours truly.