Friday, September 23, 2005

Jumat pagi

Hehe, pagi ini ga ada kerjaan.. kuliah kosong (huraaaa!). Tapi uda telanjur bangun jam 3 nih. Setelah menyantap 3 buah pisang dan 2 butir telor rebus (lapaar), satu set push-up and crouch, bingung d mo ngapain.. so.. nyalain komputer, masukin smua mp3 yg ada ke komputer ke winamp (mm.. 3408 lagu tepatnya), trus di shuffle deh.. Hasilnya:

voice of korea japan - Let's get together now .. 1st track, pilihan sendiri
Keno - Ohayou ..met pagi semuaaaa
weezer - the dawn .. 2 mnit doank! tp tetep keren
top loader - dancing in the moonlight .. yeaah!
sherina - pelangiku ..adu adu.. so sweet
the strokes - under ..alah2, ga smangat, klo suasananya cocok sih oke
Blur - stereotypes ..ko mirip lagunya peterpan yah :p
Eminem - without me ..coz it's feel so empty without me hehehe
Manic Street Preachers - Australia .. yah lumayan lah, kesukaan si ebhe
MLTR - Out of Blue .. yaaah.. ngrusak suasana smangat nih
Kula Shaker - Govinda .. perfecto! ^_^

.. aah. Mantap2, stelah bergovinda jaya2 ria, kynya udah waktunya brenti nih. Udah jam 5 lewat. Orang2 uda pada bangun, n gw blom solat subuh, hehe. Soo.. sampai di sini dulu, jumpa lagi dengan saya di lain kesempatan, hehehe.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

An Unsespected Call

Yow, what’s up everybody?

Hmm… after full day pass without a single call or sms (damn! Where’s everybody?), my home phone rang, my sis said, it was for me. “Yeah! At last!!” I said, but trough home phone? Hmm that’s unusual. So, I picked up the phone. “Taufiq?” a girl voice on the other end. “Yeah…” I said (where was I heard this voice?). “This is Mbak Ari” (ahh, so it was her). “Err… Aji had a motorcycle accident yesterday, now he is on the I.C.U. Can you come over to support him?” hmm Okay, this is obviously not the call I was expecting. After having a shower, dinner, said the magrib prayer, and a couple of unsuccessful contact to Brama, I rushed to Dustira hospital, where Aji was treated. FYI, me, Aji and Brama were a threeboys gang back when we were in elementary school, a bike gang to be exact =). Now we’re still in contacts, tough seldom meet each other. In hospital, I meet Mbak Ari, which is his sister. She said that the accident occurred in Sunday morning, he was driven by his friend, using his bike. His appearance seemed okay, only he said his stomach was aching. After a CT scan, the doctor said an operation was needed; they had to take one of his kidney. I heard all this from Mbak Ari, since Aji was conscious only for a minute (literally), just to say “Ah… Taufiq, where’s Brama? Damn.. I had a bad luck”, then he fell a sleep. Argh, it seemed pretty ugly, his condition I mean, with all the wires and pipes connected to his body. Hope he gets well soon.

I just wanna say, I know it’s fun driving on the road, speeding is even more fun. But remember, ending up in the I.C.U is no fun at all.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

God, I’m feeling useless

Tuhan, tiba-tiba hal ini terlintas di benakku..

Pernah, suatu saat, aku mengejar seorang wanita

Di mana ada seorang yang juga turut mencintanya

Ku pikir, dia jelek, gendut,dan culun

Dia hanya sedikit berlebih harta

Tentu persaingan ini aku yang memenangkannya

Sejujurnya itu yang ada di benakku

Tapi kemudian, Kau timbakan musibah pada sang wanita

Si gendut selalu ada di sampingnya, memapah langkah-langkahnya, mendengar keluh kesahnya

Aku? Menemuinya pun aku tak bisa

Perlahan aku mundur teratur,

Ku sadar, inikah maksudMu? Diakah yang lebih pantas?

Ya, karena aku tak berbuat apa-apa

Ku tak mampu berbuat apa-apa

Lalu lagi,

Pernah, kuhinakan seorang hambaMu

Huh! Dia egois, tak tau etika dan hanya mau menang sendiri

Tapi ternyata, dia membuat bundanya bangga

Dia dapat memuliakan ibunya

Aku? Meninggikan bundaku aku tak bisa

Ya, karena aku tak berbuat apa-apa

Ku tak mampu berbuat apa-apa

Tuhan.. sebegitu hinakah diriku?

Aku… sungguh ingin berbuat sesuatu

Auto report... part 2

Well, it’s been a while, so I think it is the time to write an updated auto report ;) .

Yesterday, I brought my Suzuki Shogun (a.k.a FD110) to an authorized dealer for a regular service. I was already in the shop about half hour before it opened (even earlier than the mechanics!), so my bike could have the first shift. It started out as just a regular service and oil change, but ended with these in my receipt:

Spare parts:

-front sprocket

-drive chain

-rear sprocket

-BM1 synthetic oil


-regular service

Total cost:

IDR 165000!! (This is 60% of my monthly allowance!)

Fuh, it’s gonna be a real though month for me. Somebody, give me a job! But it wasn’t regrettable. My shogun flies in the road, as good as new (hyperbolic here… J ). Oh, I’ve changed my shocks oil last month, and with yesterday’s services, going 100+ is no challenge ;).

Now, about the car, Mitsubishi Colt T120ss, model 1991 (or 1990?). There’s some problem discovered after a visit to a mechanical shop (bengkel apa sih englishnya?). An overhaul is needed, looking from the white smoke from the exhaust pipe. Gardan (that “thing” that connect the engine and wheel, what u call it?) needs to be replaced; it starts to produce scary grinding voice. And the engine pump needs service too, it’s been suspected to be the cause of several engine shuts. Estimated costs, IDR 5million! Well… maybe later. Oh, I scratch her a little, a really little scratch… about 2x2 cm2. I was in a really bad condition, have a real big problem in mind (nope, this is not about a girl), so can’t blame myself =P. Beside, with some lovely rub with compound, it leaves no mark! Oh, I’ve corrected the steering wheel position, the horn, and the driver seatbelt btw, all by myself! (… proud).

Last, I wanna say welcome to our new garage member! (Surprise, surprise!). A new Honda Supra125XD. Features:

- Securing key shutter

- Crystal image headlight

- Futuristic digital panel

- Stylish front winker

Well, that’s what TV commercial says =P. But my Dad surprise me with this buy, cause I don’t see the urgency (fixing the car should be more urgent… aaarrggh). But Dad seems really enjoys his new bike. Can’t blame him, I know it’s a real fun. Hehehe. But still, I prefer my Suzuki than the Honda.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What a funny day

Hehe… yesterday, I fill my morning with words like “SHIT! F*CK, DAMMIT, UANJINK! Etc. (u know the point right?)” wandering around in my brain. But, in the end of the day.. I can’t stop smiling. Ahh. God is great

Btw, about the pursuit, I decided to call it off, too much energy-consuming =P. I have many goals rite now, and I think there’re some higher priority things. Beside that, now I don’t sure about my feelings….

Owowow.. Apakah ini cinta, atau keadaan memaksaku merasakan… tak pernah ku menyangka.. tapi harus bagaimanaaa?

maliq n d’essentials-harus bagaimana

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oh no! i think i'm...

in love!

mwahahahahahhahahahaha.. i can't stand it anymore..

Soo.. let the pursuit begin! dhuar! dhuer!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

A story about a friggin’ idiot

Once upon a time, there’s someone who is very gifted at something very popular that time. So genius, that he becomes very special among his comrades. Let’s just call him Champ. Champ wins every match that he enters, over and over again, until when people meet him, the only thing that comes to their mind is how to beat him. Champ becomes lonely. So he comes up with an idea,”what if I’m no champ?” Then he starts playing fool. He loses matches, and doing things foolishly. And just like he thought, people just love a loser. People start forgetting that he is the same person that they used to fear. Now, the Champ is known as the Clown.

Now Clown has many friends. But he doesn’t realize, that he start hurting some people by being a clown. These are the people that really care about him. Not much really, they eve can be counted by fingers, but these people have given everything, their love, tears, and even their blood, everything they can for Champ. For practice, we’ll call them Fingers. Fingers have really upset and disappointed by what Champ doing, and they start leaving him, one by one.

As the time goes, Clown begins to realize that something’s wrong. He doesn’t know what is it, but he really miss something in his life. He feels so empty. He asks himself,”is it the trophy that I missed so much?” Then he checks out his trophy room, where he places the entire trophies that he won in his “champ time”. But nope, it’s neither the trophies nor the medals. Then, something catches his attention. It’s a photo album. As he browse trough it, his heart start to trembles, as he see that in every podium that he owns, there were some people standing behind him, rejoiced in his winning. They were the Fingers! Now he knows what his heart missing so much. It’s the Fingers. It’s the teamwork that they built for every winning he had. It’s the bond they have each other, as a family. As he realizes it, he makes a decision. Not long after that he hear people calling him, “Clown, where are you? We need a laugh here, come and entertain us!” Then, he approaches the people, looking them at the eyes, one by one, and replies…

“Sorry, but call me Champ!”

Thursday, September 01, 2005


kapasitasku cuman segitu.. satu teriakan dan aku panik, semuanya kacau, n ampir aja fatal.

... aku kecewa, bisa keganggu cman ama hal kaya gitu... instropeksi