Thursday, August 25, 2005

latest shock..

Leukemia is cancer of blood-forming tissue such as bone marrow. Types of leukemia are grouped by the type of cell affected and by the rate of cell growth. Leukemia is either acute or chronic.

Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) is a condition in which the bone marrow does not function normally and therefore does not produce enough normal blood cells. The blood cells affected are white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. Some cases of MDS may, over time, progress to acute leukemia. MDS is most often found in patients nearing their 60s and 70s. However, there are always exceptions.

The specific cause of leukemia is still not known. Scientists suspect that viral, genetic, environmental or immunologic factors may be involved.

Some viruses cause leukemia in animals. But in humans, viruses cause only one rare type of leukemia. Even if a virus is involved, leukemia is not contagious. It can not spread from one person to another. There is no increased occurrence of leukemia among people such as friends, family and caregivers who have close contact with leukemia patients.

There may be a genetic predisposition to leukemia. There are rare families where people born with chromosome damage may have genes that increase their chances of developing leukemia.

Environmental factors, such as high-dose radiation and exposure to certain toxic chemicals, have been directly linked to leukemia. But this has been true only in extreme cases, such as atomic bomb survivors in Nagasaki and Hiroshima or industrial workers exposed to benzene. Exposure to ordinary x-rays, like chest x-rays, is not believed to be dangerous.

People with immune-system deficiencies appear to be at greater risk for cancer because of the body’s decreased ability to resist foreign cells. There is evidence that patients treated for other types of cancer with some types of chemotherapy and/or high-dose radiation therapy may later develop leukemia.

All of these factors may explain why a small number of people develop leukemia. But, among most people, the cause of leukemia is not known.

p.s: don't worry, it's not bout me, but sum1 that mean much 2 me

a new semester!!!

ahhhh... it has come, a new session full of books, homeworks, studies, and test.. arrgh!

anywaayy.. i'm not gonna talk bout my plan in this new semester.. (too lazy to make plans and targets, hehehe). what i'm gonna talk about is, my friends... After a while not meeting them, i notice that all of my friends have change (some are drastic!) after the holiday season. Some acquire new skills, new friends, new cars (drolll), new attitude. They're all improve in their own way. At that time i realise, man.. i live around great people, and i have 2 compete with them? at that time, excitement flowing in my vein..

hey, what about me? don't take me wrong, i've change too ;)

Monday, August 15, 2005

she come back...

yesterday... while i was enjoying my peacefully afternoon, my cellphone rang. An unknown number. I picked it up (it was very regretfull)... and, it's her voice in the other end, a very annoying, spoiled girl, who only like to talk bout herself, very very noisy, and also... never use her head!!!!!!!!!!!

awww... come'on! i thought that last call i made was the end of it! i've made points there rite?? and now after 3 months u comeback... disturbing my life again? are u that desperate?? or... that stupid?? i was tryin 2 be a good boy.. talk 2 u nicely.. but, u think i'm a good stupid lil boy that u can use like that? sigh... just like i thought, that accidental meeting in McD was no good. Ok then, u ask for it, no more good boy. i'll show u how mean i can be.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

auto reports

hm, this post... is about... argh read it u'rself!

ermm.. at last i found out the probs with my motorcycle, the throttle cable is jammed, so i just brely can open the gas @ 1/3 throttle!! Now fixed, i'm goin 90 again ;). Now, i only have to find the time to adjust the shock absorber... so it can go 100++, hehe. At current states, it very unstable to go past 100, nope, i won't waste my life on the road.

i feel soo happy, after 3 weeks, she comeback 2 me! Don't get me wrong.. nobody is talkin bout girl here.. (sigh!). it' bout my Mitusbishi Colt T120ss.. yeah!! d calssic, d masterpiece, d piece of junk of mine! After bein' pimped for 3 weeks in d bodyshop, it comebacks to me! arrrr.... oh baby.. really2 miss u! Now her color is much darker, almost black, but not black enough to force me dealin with police officer in order to change the car licence, hehe (bah! birocracy!). BUT!! tonite, when i walk her in d city, she gave me some attitudes. Rite in d middle of Cimindi highway, her engine cough.. n.. went off???? WTF? now u have engine problem my darlin?? aww come'on. We have a date 2 bazaar 3 this weekend. Don't u do that 2 meeee. okay, 2morrow, we'll see what's wrong with u!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


the sky is wide.. (eeh.. luas paan sih b.Inggrisnya?)
but there's no room 4 mistake !

that's what aviation business is all about

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

1st post.. badan bobrok...

yoooow... akhirnya gw punya blog jg!! Lha... ko ga pake b.inggris??? Hehe, bgini pemirsa.. skarang jam menunjukkan pukul setengah tiga dinihari.. n gw bner2 g bisa tidur dari tengah mlm td! buset.. bginilah gw, klo gi sehat.. bawaan molor mulu.. Tp pas gi sakit, otak gw ga mo diem.. damn! tp, klo dpaksa mikir english... ga kuaaaat

btw.. skarang adalh H-1 bwat latian perdana setelah mmmm.. 8 bulan?
tp gawat neh.. gw sama skali ga sehat... bgimana neh pemirsa??

anyway... songlistnya:
maliq n D`essential - terdiam
- untitled
311 - The Love Song
padi - Menanti sebuah Jawaban (Bah! boring... ga nyekill.. hehehe)
Maroon5 - Sunday Morning (kebangsaan BBA neh)

players : BBA feat Egon(keyboard, bass, guitar.. tergantung kebutuhan, orang gila dasar!),
rully (bass, perlu confirm lg, tu anak ud 3 hari ngilang g pulang.. ga dayg tau kmane)

ok.. sampe dis ini dl.. skrg pala gw ud mo pecah ni.. pusiing
gu nite folks!