Sunday, February 24, 2013

Morning Anxiety

This is a funny experience I had yesterday.

You see, in Friday afternoon, I receive a news that I have to be in Jakarta the next morning. At that time I was on the road, so I just accepted the news. As soon as I got home I prepared for the trip. I have to take some of my friends, so I need a car. I phoned some of my relatives to see if I can borrow theirs, but none is available. After some calculation I resorted to rent a car, since the cost would still be cheaper than go by public transport, since we would go in a group. There was another alternative: to go with my friend family who also will go to Jakarta. If I go with them I have to be at their house at 5 AM. I went with the rental car option. However, after I booked the car, my friends gave news that they could not go. Well, it's perfectly understandable since it was a very short notice. So finally I decided to just cancel my trip to Jakarta.

The following morning, I woke up and saw the alarm clock. It pointed at 5.15. I shot up from my bed! I don't know why, but in my brain I was completely convinced that I supposed to be in my friend's house at 5 AM. "Shoot!" I panicked. I didn't know why I didn't set my alarm, or why I slept late the night before. I immediately called one of my friends who was going to go with me. "Hello...? Huh....? What are you talking about...? We cancelled it .... last night.... right? PING! That was when I recalled all the event yesterday. "Uh.. oh.. right... sorry to disturb you." Hahahaha