Saturday, September 03, 2005

A story about a friggin’ idiot

Once upon a time, there’s someone who is very gifted at something very popular that time. So genius, that he becomes very special among his comrades. Let’s just call him Champ. Champ wins every match that he enters, over and over again, until when people meet him, the only thing that comes to their mind is how to beat him. Champ becomes lonely. So he comes up with an idea,”what if I’m no champ?” Then he starts playing fool. He loses matches, and doing things foolishly. And just like he thought, people just love a loser. People start forgetting that he is the same person that they used to fear. Now, the Champ is known as the Clown.

Now Clown has many friends. But he doesn’t realize, that he start hurting some people by being a clown. These are the people that really care about him. Not much really, they eve can be counted by fingers, but these people have given everything, their love, tears, and even their blood, everything they can for Champ. For practice, we’ll call them Fingers. Fingers have really upset and disappointed by what Champ doing, and they start leaving him, one by one.

As the time goes, Clown begins to realize that something’s wrong. He doesn’t know what is it, but he really miss something in his life. He feels so empty. He asks himself,”is it the trophy that I missed so much?” Then he checks out his trophy room, where he places the entire trophies that he won in his “champ time”. But nope, it’s neither the trophies nor the medals. Then, something catches his attention. It’s a photo album. As he browse trough it, his heart start to trembles, as he see that in every podium that he owns, there were some people standing behind him, rejoiced in his winning. They were the Fingers! Now he knows what his heart missing so much. It’s the Fingers. It’s the teamwork that they built for every winning he had. It’s the bond they have each other, as a family. As he realizes it, he makes a decision. Not long after that he hear people calling him, “Clown, where are you? We need a laugh here, come and entertain us!” Then, he approaches the people, looking them at the eyes, one by one, and replies…

“Sorry, but call me Champ!”

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