Sunday, March 15, 2009

some punchlines!

we believe in the smell of fresh cut fairways at 6:00 AM, fast greens, and always playing for the tips. we don't believe in mulligans. we play it where it lies and concede nothing. we hit it long and our favorite numbers are always red. we are a new breed of athlete. 36 holes a day, hitting balls into the darkest hours of the night until our blisters have blisters of their own. "quiet please" is not in our vernacular. WE PLAY LOUD. WE PLAY HARD.


hehe.. above is an advertorial of oakley glasses (for golf). I dunno,, something impressed me so much to the point that i went to a local golf shop and actually buy this:

no- it's not an oakley glasses - :p
gonna try a few swings this week! :D


Rani said...

langsung dipajang gitu fotonyaaa :))

bayuhebat said...

apaan tuh?

Roberto Edward said...

itu tuh tongkan buat jalan kaya yg dipake kakek2... cuma yg ini lebih eksklusif,,, ada softcover anti airnya...

bayuhebat said...


opiq lumpuh emang?

piqs said...

heuheu.. kalo kata bahasa lo: impulsif :p

@bayu n jibon:
hahaha... ngaraaang!