Sunday, December 06, 2009

Grey (nope, this is not a typo)

I often have discussion with my old classmates from college about works, projects, dreams, love (ahaha)... anything! One thing that I notice is that as time goes by, many of us have to make "gray decision" regarding their job. For example, a person that works as sales have to "entertain" their potential client. We were taught in campus (literally!) that it is unethical as an engineer to accept payment ( in any kind, not just cash) beside from the party that hired him/her in one engineering job. So if a sales treat you in some lunch or karaoke, that will be unethical, but "that's the way it is".. as they said.. In the less formal sector, one that recently want to open a restaurant said that it is way too expensive to "play it clean" a.k.a pay the proper proper tax. So he "gets around it". sigh..

Now I'm still in campus, so I pretty much "sterile" from such exposure. But that gets me worry, when my time come, can I do something different, not just the usual "the way it is" thing?

I surely hope I can.. and I hope I will have support when the time comes, because it surely won't be easy.


Rani said...

from the title, i thought you r gonna write about grey's anatomy :))

so, why is it not a typo? :-?

piqs said...

Gotcha! :))

it's British spelling :p